PTB Meeting



Invitation to a conference call.
Starting Time: Jun 8, 2010 at 2:00 PM, Europe/Zurich
Duration: 1:00
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proposed agenda:
1) Welcome to PTB

2) daily operation of PTB: meetings, collaboration tools, workplace, etc..

3) Technical plan deliverables in June, July (there are four plus 2!)
3a) DNA1.3.1
3b) all the other "area workplan" deliverables

4) quick overview of the product teams

5) AOB, including next meeting
Technical Development Plan deliverable
Present: Massimo, John, Patrick, Laurence, Morris, Balazs (notes) duration: 14:00- 15:32 1) Welcome to PTB The PTB members were greeted on the first PTB meeting. Laurence took over the infrastructure area from James. 2) Operation of PTB PTB is not a daily operational body. PTB is responsible for the strategic planning and resolution of technical issues. main communication mean: email list ( meetings: - regular bi-weekly meetings on a fixed timeslot (Tuesday, 14-15). - Meetings chaired and called by TD, or the deputy TD. - "technical issue" to be discussed needs to be scheduled and supported by material one week in advance. - EVO or skype teleconf will be used - meetings are scheduled in the workspace: - the EMI Twiki will serve as single entry point for every PTB related info - and as a workarea - URL: 3) Deliverables Balazs presented the skeleton of the DNA1.3.1 "high level technical plan" deliverable. Informed PTB about deadlines (both high level and workarea plans are due in July) Long discussion around PTs, how information should be collected, what the area leaders' role are, who defines workplan, what the relation of the "high level" and "work area" deliverables are,so on... Morris noted that preparing "the" work plan is a major endeavor an much more than collecting info from PTs. Few action items were defined (see below) 4) quick overview of the product teams Balazs explained the status of the PT list. The PT lists will be announced to the collaboration this week, latest Friday. The PT table is being migrated to the project Twiki. JRA1 and especially the security area has quite some unclear items. 5) next meeting Tuesday, 22 June, 14-15, on EVO. Actions -------- Balazs: add Laurence to the list, remove James Balazs: send skeleton of the "high level" plan to project office Friday 11 June Balazs: ask PT leaders about their development plans clearly explaining the purpose of the required information. PT leaders will have the deadline of Wednesday 16th June Massimo: prepares a similar skeleton for the "area workplan" deliverables by 11 Friday, June Area leaders: send the harmonization plan of their areas. The harmonization/convergence plan should relate to the EMI products covered by the PTs. length: should be more than one sentence. deadline: 22 June. Area leaders: send the evolution plan of their areas. length: should be more than one sentence. deadline: 25 June.
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