ISOLDE Seminar

"Electric dipole moment of diamagnetic atom 129Xe as a probe for new physics"

by Prof. Koichiro Asahi


Although the standard model of particle physics is known to reproduce quite well results obtained in any laboratory experiments so far, it cannot explain the observed predominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe. Violation of CP symmetry would be key to solution of this puzzle. The electric dipole moment (EDM) in atoms violates CP, and thus provides one of the most sensitive probes for physics beyond the standard model. After briefly introducing what the EDM is, we review how the EDM arises in atoms, in what ways they can be experimentally detected, and how the results, once obtained, will be related to proposed models of new physics. Then we discuss on the recent status of the experiment and theory of EDMs for diamagnetic atoms, in particular for 129Xe.