Geant4 tutorial for MoEDAL

by Dr Matti Kalliokoski (Helsinki Institute of Physics (FI))




The tutorial will consist of lectures and some hands-on exercises. The focus of the course will be on MoEDAL topics, discussing detector construction and modelling, tracking and scoring, and implementation of new physics models.

The training will be given in Zoom. The link will be provided to the registered participants before the first lecture.

For the participants, a working Geant4 installation is expected.  Instructions for installing Geant4 can be found in A virtual machine including Geant4 installation can also be used


  • Aditya Upreti
  • Alejandro Salazar Lobos
  • Alex Stendahl
  • Ameir Shaa Bin Akber Ali
  • Azam Zabihi
  • Cebastien Joel GUEMBOU SHOUOP
  • Daniel Felea
  • Elisabetta Montagna
  • Francesco Poppi
  • Gianfranco Ingratta
  • Irene Cagnoli
  • Maria Golovleva
  • Michael Osei
  • Michael Staelens
  • Valerio Pia
  • zouleikha sahnoun