15 October 2010
Europe/Zurich timezone


During the registration process you are offered the following three options:

  1. CERN Hostel
  2. I prefer to book a room in a Geneva hotel
  3. I will arrange my own accommodation

If you choose to stay at the CERN hostel, we advise you to book your room as soon as possible, because even though the hostel still has some rooms available, October is a busy month at CERN. In order to request a room at the hostel you need to send them an e-mail ( cern.hostel@cern.ch ) and make sure that the following information must be provided: 

  • Room type: single/double
  • Dates of stay:
  • Family name:
  • First name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Your institute, laboratory or university:
  • Reason of visit to CERN: Cosmic Ray Detectors for Education" Workshop organised by Arnaud Marsolier and Dr Olivier Gaumer.

You will find all the information here:https://espace.cern.ch/hostel-service/Wiki%20Pages/How%20to%20Book.aspx

If you do not want to stay at the CERN hostel, or if there is no availability, you can find a list of all hotels in the local area here: https://espace.cern.ch/hostel-service/Lists/Hotels/AllItems.aspx