Mar 15 – 19, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Contribution List

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Felix.hung-te Lee (Academia Sinica (TW))
3/15/21, 8:25 AM
Site Reports

ASGC site report

Jose Flix Molina (Centro de Investigaciones Energéti cas Medioambientales y Tecno)
3/15/21, 9:10 AM
Site Reports

This is the PIC report for HEPiX Spring 2021 Workshop

Mr Andrea Chierici (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))
3/15/21, 4:10 PM
Site Reports

A short presentation on what's going on at INFN-T1 site

Costin Caramarcu (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))
3/15/21, 4:25 PM
Site Reports

An update on BNL activities since the Fall 2020 workshop

Mr Christopher Huhn
3/15/21, 4:55 PM
Site Reports

News and status report from GSI

Vincent Brillault (CERN)
3/15/21, 6:35 PM
End-User IT Services & Operating Systems

This talk is an update on CERN's project to build up a new e-mail service at CERN, focused on Free and Open Source Software, and to migrate all of its users. As presented in HEPiX Autumn 2019, CERN has been working on migrating out of Microsoft Exchange since Spring 2018. However in early Spring 2020, in the middle of the migration...

Tony Wong (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
3/18/21, 6:50 PM