EP-ESE Electronics Seminars

A tracker detector module for particle discrimination: ASIC and hybrid design challenges

by Davide Ceresa (CERN), Mark Istvan Kovacs (CERN)


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The Phase-2 Outer Tracker upgrade for the CMS detector is currently on-going with full speed. All the required ASICs reached their production-ready design and were submitted for engineering runs. The front-end hybrids and service hybrids hosting these ASICs were also prototyped at least once and fully functional Strip-Strip (2S) and Pixel-Strip (PS) modules are being constructed from them. In this presentation, the design and development of the ASICs and hybrids will be shown with focus on the lessons learned during the prototyping. Examples for the importance of collaboration between the ASIC and the front-end circuit designers will be presented along with the numerous issues and their solutions that arise during the production and the testing of these objects.