ECFA Detector R&D Roadmap Symposium of Task Force 4 Photon Detectors and Particle Identification Detectors

Neville Harnew (University of Oxford (GB)), Neville Harnew (University of Oxford (GB)), Peter Krizan (Jozef Stefan Institute (SI))

Details about the ECFA Detector R&D Roadmap can be found on:

The agenda is still being finalized.

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ECFA Detector R&D Roadmap Symposium Meeting
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ECFA Detector R&D Symposium Meeting
Susanne Kuehn
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    • 9:00 AM 9:25 AM
      Introduction and facilities input 25m
      Speakers: Neville Harnew (University of Oxford (GB)), Philip Patrick Allport (University of Birmingham (UK))
    • 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
      RICH technology requirements & optical elements 30m
      Speaker: Carmelo D'Ambrosio (CERN)
    • 10:10 AM 10:35 AM
      Radiator materials 25m
      Speaker: Ichiro Adachi (KEK)
    • 10:45 AM 11:00 AM
      Coffee break 15m
    • 11:00 AM 11:25 AM
      DIRC technology requirements 25m
      Speakers: Joachim Schwiening (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH), Jochen Schwiening (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE))
    • 11:35 AM 12:00 PM
      Time of flight technologies 25m
      Speaker: Roger Forty (CERN)
    • 12:10 PM 12:35 PM
      Gaseous detectors with photocathodes/ MPGDs 25m
      Speaker: Fulvio Tessarotto (INFN Trieste)
    • 12:45 PM 1:30 PM
      Lunch 45m
    • 1:30 PM 1:55 PM
      MCP-PMT technologies 25m
      Speaker: Kenji Inami (Nagoya university)
    • 2:05 PM 2:30 PM
      SiPMs technologies and timing 25m
      Speaker: Samo Korpar (Jozef Stefan Institute (SI))
    • 2:40 PM 3:05 PM
      SiPMs - radiation hardness, low-temperature operation etc 25m
      Speaker: Yuri Musienko (University of Notre Dame (US))
    • 3:15 PM 3:30 PM
      Coffee break 15m
    • 3:30 PM 3:55 PM
      Photomultiplier technologies 25m
      Speaker: Razmik Mirzoyan (Max-Planck-Institute for Physics)
    • 4:05 PM 4:30 PM
      Superconducting devices overview 25m
      Speaker: Sae Woo Nam (NIST)
    • 4:40 PM 5:05 PM
      Overlapping technologies and summary 25m
      Speaker: Peter Križan (Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana)
    • 5:15 PM 5:45 PM
      Discussion session 30m