INFIERI: Intelligent signal processing for FrontIEr Research and Industry

INtelligent signal processing for FrontIEr Research and Industry

Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Particle Physics,
Technological Challenges for confronting Physics Objectives, Exploiting Synergies, Cross Disciplinary

This is a global Summer School Series covering the complete signal processing chain for building 21st-century advanced instruments.

This is a 2 weeks duration school hosted each year in among the top University Campus worldwide.

The school series was Inaugurated on July 2013 at the Oxford University. Building on the success of this first school and of the following ones held in Paris, Hamburg, Sao Paulo and Wuhan, the VIth edition of this global series will be held at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain, August 23 to September 4, 2021.

Driven by the demands of the new Physics domains to be explored using cutting-edge instruments, novel sophisticated signal processing schemes are a key feature.
This school focuses on the most advanced technologies in semiconductors, deep-submicron 3D technologies, nanotechnology, interconnects, data transmission, “big data”, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, together with their physics motivations.

The three-tier program comprises lectures, keynote talks and hands-on sessions with worldwide experts from academia and industry. The topics covers a variety of crossdisciplinary
applications ranging from the exploration and understanding of the universe to the human-body and to the world of elementary particles and with an opening in 2021 to the application to new energies.

The access to the website, here below, of the previous INFIERI Schools, gives a detailed description of the program of lectures and Labs as well as of the social events organized at each of these schools.

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