August 30, 2021 to September 3, 2021
University of Innsbruck
Europe/Zurich timezone

【374】Sp(4) SIMP Dark Matter on the Lattice

Sep 2, 2021, 5:45 PM
Room B

Room B

Talk Nuclear, Particle- and Astrophysics (FAKT - TASK) Nuclear, Particle- & Astrophysics


Fabian Zierler (University of Graz)


The Strongly Interacting Massive Particle (SIMP) paradigm provides dark matter (DM) candidates as pseudo-Goldstone bound states of dark fermions under a new gauge group. Freeze-out then occurs through $3\to2$ dark matter self-annihilation and points to DM masses of $O(100~\text{MeV})$. We study the spectrum of the lightest mesons of $Sp(4)$ gauge theory with $2$ fundamental Dirac fermions using lattice gauge theory. There are $5$ pseudo-Goldstone bosons which can self-annihilate. We investigate the explicit breaking of the flavour symmetry and report that one pseudo-Goldstone is lighter than the others which are still mass-degenerate.

Primary authors

Axel Torsten Maas (University of Graz) Fabian Zierler (University of Graz)

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