May 17 – 22, 2021
Europe/Sarajevo timezone

Objectives and Scientific Programme

The masterclass concept of the school is inspired by the International Particle Therapy Masterclasses (PTMC). It aims to follow up and support active and promising students who have already contributed to PTMC events as assistant tutors, and it encourages and motivates today’s students to get involved in future programs. The masterclass prepares students for future active research by promoting continuous interaction with experts.


  • Educate and provide hands-on experience to a new generation of researchers, giving them the required skills and tools to access and engage with Europe's heavy ion therapy research infrastructures.

  • Provide multidisciplinary researchers from academia and industry with updated knowledge of both heavy ion therapy and the ongoing activities of the four major heavy ion therapy facilities in Europe.

  • Provide students and early stage researchers with opportunities to network with leading researchers in the field.

Main Topics:

  • Heavy ion therapy
  • Treatment planning 
  • Medical accelerators and accelerator physics including:
    • Ion sources
    • Beam optics
    • Beam delivery systems
    • Controls
  • Linear accelerators for isotope production
  • Radiation protection and safety
  • Imaging for particle therapy and diagnostics
  • Biophysics 
  • Machine learning applications for particle therapy
  • European heavy ion therapy centres:
    • Current activities
    • Future upgrades

Speakers and Lecturers:            Institutes:

1. Amer Ajanović   ICL
2. Elena Benedetto   SEEIIST
3. Uta Bilow   TU Dresden
4. Giovanni Bisoffi   INFN
5. Manuella Cirili   CERN
6. Haris Dapo   ANKARA Univ./TARLA
7. Mirza Dautbasic   UNSA
8. Manjit Dosanjh   ENLIGHT/SEEIIST/CERN
9. Ana Đorđević   CERN
10. Angelica Facoetti   CNAO
11. Yiota Foka   GSI/EMMI
12. Piero Fossati   MedAustron
13. Nadia Gambino   MedAustron
14. Christian Graeff   GSI
15. Milkos Jaksic   IRB
16. Silvia Meneghello   CNAO
17. Uros Mitrović   Cosylab JSC
18. Silvia Molinelli   CNAO
19. Monica Necchi   CNAO
20. Ester Orlandi   CNAO
21. Matej Polzelnik   Cosylab JSC
22. Marco Pullia   CNAO
23. Ash Ravikumar   CERN
24. Mimoza Ristova   UKIM
25. Mariusz Sapinksi   SEEIIST
26. Joao Seco   DKFZ
27. Rebecca Taylor   ICL
28. Markus Stock   MedAustron
29. Dasa Stupica   Cosylab JSC
30. Albana Topi   GSI
31. Slavisa Tubin   MedAustron
32. Vasilis Vlachoudis   CERN
33. Maurizio Vretenar   CERN
34. Niklas Wahl   DKFZ
35. Hans Peter Wieser   LMU