LHC Seminar

Strangeness in jets and in the underlying event in hadronic collisions at the LHC

by Dr Xiaoming Zhang (Central China Normal University, Wuhan (CN), for the ALICE Collaboration)


ALICE measurements have shown that the inclusive production of (multi-)strange particles smoothly increases as a function of the size of the collision system, as measured by charged-particle multiplicity in pp, p-Pb, and Pb-Pb collisions. Further investigation revealed an overall enhancement in the yield of strange baryons relative to mesons in collisions with higher multiplicity for all systems, possibly due to the effects of collective radial flow and recombination of quarks. These effects may differ for strange hadrons generated in soft (low $Q^2$) processes, compared to those originating from jet fragmentation (high $Q^2$ process).

To address this question, we report measurements of the strange baryon-to-meson yield ratios in the three colliding systems for the inclusive particle sample and for hadrons within jets. We also present the production of multi-strange baryons ($\Xi$ and $\Omega$) in jets and the underlying event in pp collisions.

ALICE Collaboration, arXiv:2105.04890

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Michelangelo Mangano, Monica Pepe-Altarelli and Pedro Silva.

LHC Seminar - ALICE
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