Towards a white paper on public likelihoods -3-

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - 5:00 PM
CERN (online only)

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May 12, 2021
5:00 PM Introduction, recap from last meeting   (online only)
5:10 PM
Lightning round on physics examples / use cases (until 6:40 PM) (online only)
5:10 PM PDFs - Robert Samuel Thorne (University College London (UK))   (online only)
5:20 PM EFT fits (SM) - Juan Rojo (INFN)   (online only)
5:30 PM HiggsBounds/HiggsSignals examples - Philip Bechtle (University of Bonn (DE))   (online only)
5:40 PM BSM global fits - Dr Andrew Fowlie (Nanjing Normal University)   (online only)
5:50 PM Artificial protomodelling - Wolfgang Waltenberger (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT))   (online only)
6:00 PM Usage of likelihoods for direct dark matter searches - Nahuel Ferreiro   (online only)
6:10 PM Xenon public result-reporting to date - Knut Moraa (Columbia University)   (online only)
6:20 PM Public results in flavor physics - Nazila Mahmoudi (Universite Claude Bernard Lyon I (FR))   (online only)
6:30 PM HEPFit - Luca Silvestrini (CERN and INFN, Rome)   (online only)
6:40 PM
General discussion, organisation of the writing procedure (until 7:00 PM) (online only)