Boosting sensitivity in searches for Dark Matter and heavy resonances with ATLAS

Aug 5, 2021, 4:15 PM



Josu Cantero (Oklahoma State University (US))


Several extensions of the Standard Model predict new resonances at the TeV scale, which can be expected to couple to gauge and Higgs bosons (W,Z,H,y). These and other new physics signatures at the LHC produce highly boosted particles, leading to close-by objects in the detector and necessitating jet substructure techniques to disentangle the hadronic decay products. This talk presents the latest ATLAS searches including topologies with boosted new scalar or vector bosons, vector-like quarks or leptoquarks, or new resonances decaying to a photon plus a Higgs (Hy) or W/Z (Vy) boson using the full Run 2 dataset. This talk will explain the techniques used, including new tagging techniques using machine learning and the use of large-radius jets and variable-radius track jets, as well as a novel double-b-tagging algorithm for tagging the Higgs boson candidates.

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