Understanding top tagging with N-subjettiness and prong finding

Aug 5, 2021, 3:00 PM



Jack Helliwell (University of Manchester)


N-subjettiness has proven to be a powerful tool for discriminating between boosted signal jets (typically boosted electroweak bosons or top quarks) and light QCD background jets. In this talk I will examine how it can be most effectively used in conjunction with prong finding and grooming algorithms to tag boosted top quarks. I will first examine the performance and effect of hadronisation and underlying event on this tagging procedure using a Monte Carlo study before discussing the results of our resummed calculations of the tagged cross section for this procedure, considering both signal and background jets. Finally I will show that the understanding gained from carrying out this calculation can be used to optimize the discriminating power available from this tagging procedure.

Primary author

Jack Helliwell (University of Manchester)


Mrinal Dasgupta (University of Manchester (GB))

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