MSc thesis defense at the IT University of Copenhagen

by Jan Schill (


Notes by Maria Dimou:

The session was held via Zoom.

The presentation was given by Jan Schill, MSc student on his work on the CERN-Solid Proof of Concept.

The panel:

Philippe Bonnet - ITU supervisor
Maria Dimou - CERN supervisor
Yongluan Zhou - University of Copenhagen
Sebastian Büttrich - ITU

Jan's MSc thesis official report:

Jan's grade was 12/12

Some ideas by Philippe for future development:

  1. To avoid performance problems when loading Comments on an Indico event (fetching them from users' pods) envisage only showing a subset of the most performant pod servers and offer a "View more" button for further loading.
  2. If Indico wants immutable Comments, then they would have to be stored in Indico. This is against the Solid spirit. To allow the user to edit his/her comment on his/her pod AND Indico not adopting ever-changing content of the same comment, the hash value representing the comment has to change after every edit.
  3. The W3C vCard standard used to show Linked Data from the Solid pod as Indico Registration form fields merits more investigation on existing or needed ontologies.

Contact Maria Dimou for further information on the CERN-Solid collaboration.