Notes from the August 2021 Solid World webinar

by Maria Dimou (CERN)


Notes from the 2021/08/05 Solid World Webinar.


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Notes attached to this event as material.

Please contact Maria Dimou for further information on the CERN-Solid collaboration.


Interesting to note from this event:

  • The Community Solid Server (CSS) is just released. Its adoption is in the Policy document for the future of CERN-Solid collaboration.
  • During this Solid meeting, Sarven Capadisli began his  talk by describing how he looks. This is to integrate participants who cannot see. This is a policy in the spirit of "Inclusion".
    • Info sent to the CERN Diversity Office, in case they would like to launch such a recommendation. Of course it only applies to large online meetings, where the speaker doesn't know who is in the audience.