The Geant4 collaboration meeting will take place from the 20th to the 24th of September and will be an online edition again.

The format of the meeting is the same than last year : one week for plenary sessions (20th - 24th), and two weeks in total for the parallel sessions (13th - 17th and 20th - 24th), the second week being the same than the plenary sessions one.

There will be one plenary session of two hours per day. The time slot has been chosen so that no participants start before 6 AM or end after 1 AM.

For more flexibility, the parallel sessions organization is left to the working group coordinators.

Both plenary and parallel sessions with appear on this same Indico.

The major release 11.0 will be of course one key discussion topic. But other items will be discussed too, as proposed by the program committee:

  • the website is being renovated, this is a rare opportunity to improve it in several areas, like easing access to important information to users, but also to new members with both the Collaboration functioning and the technical information (design, coding guidelines, testing, etc.)
  • strategy wrt to 1) Git repository and 2) R&D activities : 1) some projects have adopted a fully open model, which, we believe, is not adapted to a physics software like Geant4. But could we benefit from having a more open Git repository, to ease bug fixes and help identifying new members for example ? 2) How could we provide the needed recognition to R&D activities ? By what process could we evaluate them ?
  • beyond website renovation could we improve our self/internal education, with key notes lectures on the various areas of Geant4 ? Could establish viable plans for using media like videos ?

Session chairs and speakers are invited to leave enough time for discussion, bearing in mind that remote discussions are always more difficult than live ones. During the session, questions may be asked verbally or by chat, which will require special attention by the chairs.

Participants are informed that the plenary sessions will be recorded, and that the videos will be kept internal to the Collaboration.