Restricted Council - Hundred-and-fifty-sixth Session

60/6-002 (CERN)



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    • 9:30 AM 4:00 PM
      Restricted Session
    • 9:31 AM 9:32 AM
      Report to the Credentials Committee 1m
    • 9:32 AM 9:33 AM
      Approval of the Draft Minutes 1m
      • Hundred-and-fifty-fifth Session of Council Restricted & Closed Sessions 15m
      • Hundred-and-fifty-fifth Session of Council Open Session 15m
    • 9:33 AM 9:34 AM
      Adoption of the Agenda 1m
    • 9:34 AM 9:44 AM
      Matters arising from the Previous Meeting 10m
    • 9:44 AM 10:00 AM
      President's Report 16m
    • 10:00 AM 10:15 AM
      Director-General'Report 15m
    • 10:15 AM 10:25 AM
      Member State Matters 10m
      • General Report on Member State Matters (Director-General - Oral) 15m
      • Developments in the Member States relevant for CERN 15m
    • 10:25 AM 10:35 AM
      Non-Member State Matters 10m
      • General Report on Non-Member State Matters (Director-General) 15m
    • 10:40 AM 10:50 AM
      Organisation of the Council's Restricted Session and European Strategy Session in September 2012 10m
    • 10:55 AM 11:15 AM
      LHC Progress Report 20m
    • 11:15 AM 11:45 AM
      Working Group on the Scientific and Geographical Enlargement of CERN 30m
      • Special contribution 15m
      • Governance 15m
      • Model Agreement with Associate Members 15m
    • 11:50 AM 12:00 PM
      Applications for Accession to CERN of: The State of Israel, The Republic of Cyprus, The Republic of Serbia, The Republic of Turkey, The Republic of Slovenia 10m
      • Report by the Fact-finding group 15m
      • Discussion on the procedure to follow for the five applicant states 15m
    • 12:10 PM 12:25 PM
      Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee (Prof. E. Fernandez - Oral) 15m
    • 12:25 PM 12:45 PM
      Questions from the Council to the SPC 20m
      • New Questions from the Delegations 15m
    • 12:45 PM 1:00 PM
      Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee (Dr M. Steinacher - Oral) 15m
    • 1:00 PM 1:15 PM
      Pension Fund 15m
      • Report by the Chairman of the Governing Board (Prof. F. Ferrini - Oral) 15m
      • Amendments to Chapter I of the Rules of the CERN Pension Fund 15m
      • Information on Measures of re-establishing the funding equilibrium of the Pension Fund 15m
    • 1:20 PM 1:30 PM
      Medium-Term Plan for the Period 2011-2015 and Draft Budget of the Organization for the Fifty-Seventh Financial Year 2011 10m
    • 1:40 PM 1:50 PM
      Agreement between France, Switzerland and CERN relating to protection against ionising radiation and the Safety of the Organization's facilities 10m
    • 1:50 PM 2:10 PM
      Confirmation of the access status of the documents of the session 20m
    • 2:10 PM 2:20 PM
      Other Business 10m
    • 2:20 PM 5:25 PM
      Closed Session
      • 2:20 PM
        Elections: Council and Finance Committee 15m
        • Discussion on proposed candidates for one new Vice-President of Council 15m
        • Election of the Next Chairman of the Finance Committee 15m
      • 3:15 PM
        Pension Fund 20m
        • Appointment of a member to the Governing Board of the Pension Fund 15m
      • 3:40 PM
        Other Business 10m