Council- Hundred-and-fifty-seventh Session
60-6-015 (CERN)



from Thursday, December 16, 2010 (9:30 AM) to Friday, December 17, 2010 (5:00 PM)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Restricted Session (CERN (60-6-015))

1. Report to the Credentials Committee
2. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the Hundred-and-Fifty-Sixth Session of Council
CERN/2932/RA/Draft English French
3. Adoption of the Agenda
CERN/2933/Rev. English French
4. Matters Arising from Previous Meeting
5. President’s Report
   5.1 President's message on behalf of the President's Group
6. Director-General’s Report
7. Member State Matters
   7.1 General Report on Member State Matters (Director-General – Oral)
   7.2 Developments in the Member States relevant for CERN
8. Non-Member State Matters
   8.1 General Report on non-Member State Matters (Director-General – Oral)
   8.2 Overview of Protocols concluded since December 2009
CERN/2938/RA English French
   8.3 Status Report on participation of non-Member States in the CERN Programmes 2009-2010
CERN/2939/RA/Rev. English
9. LHC Progress Report
10. Working Group on the Scientific and Geographical Enlargement of CERN
   10.1 Report on Contribution Issues
CERN/2940/RA English French
   10.2 Report on Governance Issues
CERN/2941/RA English French
   10.3 Model Agreements for the Granting of Associate Member Status
CERN/2942/RA/Rev. English French
11. Applications for Membership of CERN of:
   11.1 The Republic of Cyprus
   11.2 The State of Israel
   11.3 The Republic of Serbia
   11.4 The Republic of Slovenia
   11.5 The Republic of Turkey
   11.6 Application of the new accession conditions and procedure to the five applicant States Proposal by the Director-General
CERN/2949/RA English French
   11.7 Final report by the Fact-finding Working Group
CERN/2943/RA English French Slides
12. Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee (Dr M. Steinacher – Oral)
13. 2010 SACA Report of Activities for the Council
CERN/2950/RA/Rev. English French
   13.1 Questions from Council to SACA
14. Pension Fund
   14.1 Report by the Chairman of the Governing Board (Prof. F. Ferrini – Oral)
   14.2 Amendments to Chapter I of the Rules of the Pension Fund
CERN/FC/5479/Rev.2 CERN/2913/Rev.3 English French
   14.3 Actuarial Review as at 01.01.2010
CERN/FC/5499 CERN/2948 English
   14.4 Proposal by the Management concerning a package of measures towards restoring full funding of the Pension Fund
CERN/FC/5498 CERN/2947 English French
15. The Fellows, Associates and Students Programmes
CERN/SPC/960 CERN/2944 English Slides
16. Five-Yearly review 2010 Proposals by the Management
CERN/FC/5497 CERN/2946 English French
17. 2011 Budget Scale of Contributions
CERN/FC/5493 CERN/2935 English French
18. The Cost-Variation Index for 2011
CERN/FC/5494 CERN/2936 English French
19. Budget of the Organization for the fifty-seventh Financial Year 2011
CERN/FC/5495 CERN/2937 English French
20. Plans for the Medium-Term Plan for the Period 2012-2016 (Director-General - Oral)
21. Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee
22. Questions from the Council to the SPC
   22.1 New Questions from the Delegations
23. Confirmation of the access status of the documents of the session
24. Other Business
Closed Session (CERN (60-6-015))

1. Elections: Scientific Policy Committee
   1.1 Election of the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee
   1.2 Re-appointment of two members
CERN/2945/RA (Confidential) English French
   1.3 Terms of Reference of the SPC Selection procedure for new members (cf. CERN/SPC/313/Rev.6)
Background info
2. Elections: Council and Finance Committee
   2.1 Re-election of the President of Council
   2.2 Re-election of One Vice-President of Council
   2.3 Election of One Vice-President of Council
   2.4 Election of the Chairman of the Finance Committee
   2.5 Call for nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee and Election
3. Elections: European Strategy Session of Council
   3.1 Call for nominations for the position of Secretary of the European Strategy Sessions
4. Pension Fund
   4.1 Appointment of a Member to the Governing Board
   4.2 Election of the Chairman of the Governing Board
   4.3 Re-Appointment of the Vice-Chairman of the Governing Board of the Pension Fund
CERN/2951/RA (Confidential) English French
5. Selection Procedure for the Next Director-General (cf. CERN/2329 and Letter CH/A)
CERN/2329 Background info
Friday, December 17, 2010


Open Session - Council Chamber (CERN (503/1-001))

1. Status of the LHC and Experiments
   1.1 09:00 a.m. - LHC Accelerator
   1.2 09.25 a.m. - TOTEM
   1.3 09.40 a.m. - LHCf
   1.4 09.55 a.m. - LHCb
   1.5 10.20 a.m. - CMS
   1.6 10.45 a.m. - ATLAS
   1.7 11.10 a.m. - ALICE
--- 11.30: CHRISTMAS BRUNCH ---
2. Status Report by the Director-General
3. Report on the Decisions taken at Restricted, Closed and European Strategy Sessions (President of Council – Oral)
4. Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee (Dr M. Steinacher – Oral)
5. Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee (Prof. E. Fernandez – Oral)
6. Report by the Scientific Secretary (Prof. S. Stapnes – Oral)
7. Report by the Chairman of ECFA (Prof. T. Nakada – Oral)
8. Other Business