Restricted Council - Hundred-and-fifty-sixth Session
60/6-002 (CERN)



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Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 9:30 AM

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Restricted Session (CERN (60/6-002))

2. Report to the Credentials Committee
3. Approval of the Draft Minutes
   3.1 Hundred-and-fifty-fifth Session of Council Restricted & Closed Sessions
CERN/2925/RA English French
   3.2 Hundred-and-fifty-fifth Session of Council Open Session
CERN/2926 English French
4. Adoption of the Agenda
CERN/2927/Rev. English French
5. Matters arising from the Previous Meeting
6. President's Report
7. Director-General'Report
8. Member State Matters
   8.1 General Report on Member State Matters (Director-General - Oral)
   8.2 Developments in the Member States relevant for CERN
9. Non-Member State Matters
   9.1 General Report on Non-Member State Matters (Director-General)
10. Organisation of the Council's Restricted Session and European Strategy Session in September 2012
CERN/2928 English French
11. LHC Progress Report
12. Working Group on the Scientific and Geographical Enlargement of CERN
   12.1 Special contribution
   12.2 Governance
   12.3 Model Agreement with Associate Members
13. Applications for Accession to CERN of: The State of Israel, The Republic of Cyprus, The Republic of Serbia, The Republic of Turkey, The Republic of Slovenia
   13.1 Report by the Fact-finding group
   13.2 Discussion on the procedure to follow for the five applicant states
14. Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee (Prof. E. Fernandez - Oral)
15. Questions from the Council to the SPC
   15.1 New Questions from the Delegations
16. Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee (Dr M. Steinacher - Oral)
17. Pension Fund
   17.1 Report by the Chairman of the Governing Board (Prof. F. Ferrini - Oral)
   17.2 Amendments to Chapter I of the Rules of the CERN Pension Fund
CERN/FC/5479 CERN/2913/Rev. English French
   17.3 Information on Measures of re-establishing the funding equilibrium of the Pension Fund
18. Medium-Term Plan for the Period 2011-2015 and Draft Budget of the Organization for the Fifty-Seventh Financial Year 2011
CERN/2915/Rev. Appendix English French Slides
19. Agreement between France, Switzerland and CERN relating to protection against ionising radiation and the Safety of the Organization's facilities
CERN/2929 English French
20. Confirmation of the access status of the documents of the session
21. Other Business
Closed Session (CERN (60/6-002))

1. Elections: Council and Finance Committee
   1.1 Discussion on proposed candidates for one new Vice-President of Council
   1.2 Election of the Next Chairman of the Finance Committee
2. Pension Fund
   2.1 Appointment of a member to the Governing Board of the Pension Fund
3. Other Business