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January 17, 2022 to March 11, 2022
European Scientific Institute - Archamps
Europe/Zurich timezone

Week 5 - Pre-recorded videos

Please make sure to watch all videos before the beginning of live lectures on the day concerned.

You have all the slides on Indico to help you to take notes during the videos.


Monday, February 14th:

Gasous Detectors

Noble Liquid Detector

Tuesday, February 15th:

Signal Processing and Electronics

Sub-Kelvin Quantum Sensors

Wednesday, February 16th:

Semi conductor Detectors

Signal Processing and Electronics

Thursday, February 17th:

Signal Processing and Electronics

Cherenkov and Transition Radiation Detectors

Gravitational Wave Detection

Friday, February 18th:

Scintillation Detectors

Gazeous Neutron Detectors from Slow Neutron Facilities