Oct 12 – 15, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone


Dear participant,

the workshop is about to start and we look forward to virtually meeting you next week!

You can now find the final program of the workshop at the following link: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1074510/.

A few important points, please read till the end:

1. To connect to zoom, please use the "join" button on videoconference tab of the indico page,

2. All the live talks will be 25+5 minutes. Please wait till the end of the talk to use the Zoom "raise your hand” button and ask your questions, after the convener has given you the floor.

3. Beyond the live talks we will have a few pre-recorded talks (15 minutes each) that will be uploaded on the Indico page of the workshop and on our Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6VpmHSEMEf0oIxHo8elaw) during the weekend. We have scheduled a Q&A session in which you will have the possibility to ask questions about the pre-recorded talks and interact with the speakers on Tuesday 12/10 at 3:15 pm CEST. We encourage you to watch the recordings before Tuesday.

4. All the slides will be uploaded on the Indico page one day in advance with respect to the scheduled talk. All the talks will be recorded and uploaded both on the Indico page and on the Youtube channel soon after the end of each session.

5. Due to the timezones issue, we have allocated a short discussion session at the beginning of each day, in which participants who couldn’t attend the talks of the previous day but were able to watch the recordings, will have the possibility to ask questions and interact with the corresponding speakers.

6. Every day we will have discussion sessions to discuss the prospects of UHF-GW science from different perspectives. Please have a look at the schedule to check the selected topics. We have planned to have panelists in each of these discussion sessions, and we warmly encourage the audience to participate actively.

7. We will be using Mattermost as our main discussion channel, both for questions on the talks and for further discussions. We encourage you to register on this platform as soon as possible, so that we can assist with any technical difficulties. Please use the invitation link (*)
choosing the team UHF-GW from the dropdown menu.

Mattermost will be our main platform for last-minute communications and for topical discussions, allowing also for follow-up questions after the talk and for asynchronous participation of participants from different time zones.

It goes without saying that we expect everyone to be respectful in their interactions on Mattermost, as well as during the live contributions of the workshop. More specific to Mattermost: 
() use the ‘reply’ function to keep different discussion threads in the same channel separable.
() tag somebody using @name to make sure that person gets notified about your message.

Thanks for your help and see you next week!

Best regards,
Francesco, on behalf of the organisers

(*) Help for registering on Mattermost:
Mattermost is an open-source and self-hostable alternative to commercial products such as Slack. To join this workspace, please click on the following link:
and log in with a CERN single sign-on account. For this, you can use your username and password for any of the following accounts: CERN, your organization or institution account (if it belongs to eduGAIN; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EduGAIN) or social media (Facebook, Google, Orange, Windows, Yahoo). Alternatively, you can set up a CERN lightweight account:
On the CERN mattermost plattform, select the team UHF GW.
Trouble shooting: The Chrome browser is known to cause trouble when logging in with a social media account, please use a different browser for this method. If you get the error message that the invite link is invalid, try again with an incognito (private) window in your browser.