Day of Femtoscopy (A femtoszkópia napja)

K floor, room 2.201 (Károly Róbert Campus)

K floor, room 2.201

Károly Róbert Campus

H-3200 Gyöngyös, Hungary, Mátrai út 36
Gábor Kasza (SzIE KRC, Gyöngyös and WIgner RCP, Budapest) , Istvan Szanyi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU)) , Máté Csanád (Eötvös University, Budapest) , Sandor Lokos (Eötvös University, Budapest and SzIE KRC, Gyöngyös) , Tamás Csörgő (Wigner RCP, Budapest and SzIE KRC, Gyöngyös) , Tamás Novák (SzIE KRC, Gyöngyös)

7th Day of Femtoscopy: dedicated to open issues in Femtoscopy

A Mixed Format Meeting:  Due to wave 4 of the COVID-19 pandemic

Hosted by: MATE Institute of Technology, Gyöngyös Károly Róbert Campus, Mátrai út 36, H-3200 Gyöngyös, Hungary.

Date: October 28, Thursday, 2021

Local Organizing Committee:

  • T. Csörgő (Wigner RCP and SzIE KRC, chair),  
  • M. Csanád (Eötvös University, co-organizer)
  • G. Kasza (Wigner RCP and MATE KRC)
  • S. Lökös (Eötvös University and MATE KRC)  
  • T. Novák (MATE KRC, co-organizer)
  • I. Szanyi (Wigner RCP, MATE KRC and Eötvös University)

for the Femtoscopy Knowledge Center, MATE Institute of Technology, Károly Róbert Campus (MATE KRC).

Short URL:

Registration fee: Waived for all online-only participants. 20 kHUF for regular (physically participating) colleagues.

Coffee breaks and lunch: We encourage online participants to order some pizza for lunch, prepare their coffee in the coffee breaks, and spend online time together with the other participants during these breaks for informal discussions. The Károly Róbert Cafeteria and Restaurants are both open and will serve the regular participants. We will organize dinner for the regular participants in the Pizzeria Il Caminetto in Gyöngyös, Kossuth street. 

DoF'21 is partially supported by: NKFIH FK 123842, FK 123959, and K133046 grants (Hungary) and by the Circles of Knowledge Club (Hungary).

Registration to the 7th Day of Femtoscopy
  • András Ster
  • Balázs Kórodi
  • Barnabas Porfy
  • Christophe Royon
  • Daniel Kincses
  • Ferenc Siklér
  • Frigyes Janos Nemes
  • Gábor Kasza
  • Istvan Szanyi
  • Marton Nagy
  • Máté Csanád
  • Roman Pasechnik
  • Sándor Hegyi
  • Sándor Lökös
  • Tamas Novak
  • Tamás Csörgő
  • Wesley Metzger
  • Wlodek Guryn