G-RAD(NEXT) Workshop 2022

Ennio Tito Capria, Ruben Garcia Alia


The Workshop on Radiation Facilities and Testing of Semiconductor Devices and Systems for Industry

The aim of the workshop is to put together the testing facilities and radiation experts as well as stakeholders from industry and academia to stimulate discussion, in the framework of the RADNEXT Initiative.

This one-day workshop will take place as a virtual event


G-RAD(NEXT) will be an opportunity of exchange between representative from the industry and from the facilities, in order to:

  1. Communicate about what RADNEXT is and what it can do for industry
  2. Learn from industry how RADNEXT could deploy its services to have a larger impact on the technical challenges of the industrial community


Technical topics

The technical sessions of G-RAD(NEXT) will be organised around the core applications in the domain of irradiation. Each technical session will be organised in a similar manner.

At first, a presentation from a representative of the industrial stakeholder group will describe the main challenges and perspectives. Then, an introduction of the most adequate RADNEXT facilities to respond to the need of the user community will be provided. A discussion will follow, where concrete actions will be identified to mature more effective interactions between RADNEXT and the industrial community.


Target audience

  • Companies providing or using radiation testing services and consultancy
  • Facilities and research infrastructures providing access to users in the field of radiation testing or intending to provide access in the near future.
  • Academics working in the field of radiation effects on semiconductors
  • Organizations involved in the standardisation of testing methods and workflows


Desired Outcomes

Our goal is to increase the level of engagement of industry with the members of the RADNEXT consortium, with a growth of the industrial quota of transnational access and proprietary/confidential access (when needed). Our aim is to better serve the industrial community, and in this way to create value for the European Industry and increase the socio-economic impact of RADNEXT.



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    • 1
      General introduction (1)
      Speaker: Ennio Tito Capria (ESRF) (ESRF)
    • 2
      General introduction (2)
      Speaker: Ruben Garcia Alia (CERN)
    • Session 1: Space (outside atmosphere)
    • 11:30 AM
      Lunch break
    • Session 2: Ground level application (automotive, harsh environment etc.)
      • 10
        Session 2 - Ground level application - Moderator introduction
        Speaker: Dan Alexandrescu (IROC) (IROC)
      • 11
        Qualification of technology platforms under radiation at STMicroelectronics
        Speaker: Philippe Roche (STM)
      • 12
        Ensuring the Reliability of Power Electronic Devices against Terrestrial Cosmic Radiation
        Speaker: Gerald Sölkner (Infineon) (Infineon)
      • 13
        Thermal neutrons facilities for irradiation
        Speaker: Caroline Boudou (ILL) (ILL)
      • 14
        Fast neutron facilities for ground level applications
        Speaker: Carlo Cazzaniga (ChipIR)
      • 15
        Session 2 - Ground level application - Discussion and poll
        Speaker: Gerd Datzmann (Datzmann interact & innovate)
    • 2:50 PM
      Coffee break
    • Session 3: Aeronautics and avionics (inside atmosphere)
      • 16
        Session 3 - Aeronautics and avionics - Moderator introduction
        Speaker: Florent Miller (Nuclétudes)
      • 17
        Radiation effects in aircraft equipment
        Speaker: Cécile Weulersse (Airbus) (Airbus)
      • 18
        Stratospheric balloons and Radiation - Autopsy of an in-flight anomaly
        Speaker: Françoise Bezerra (CNES)
      • 19
        RADNEXT offering for aeronautics and avionics Part1
        Speaker: Jochen Kuhnhenn (Fraunhofer INT)
      • 20
        RADNEXT offering for aeronautics and avionics Part2
        Speaker: Camille Bélanger-Champagne (TRIUMF)
      • 21
        Session 3 - Aeronautics and avionics - Discussion and poll
        Speaker: Gerd Datzmann (Datzmann interact & innovate)
    • 22
      Wrap-up and general conclusion