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June 27, 2022 to July 8, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone
1st Summer School for young researcher of the Norwegian Centre for CERN-related Research

The program:
Summer@CERN is a summer program over two weeks and takes place in CERN, Switzerland. The program is open to all Norwegian young students and researchers involved in CERN activities. This can be technical students, summer students, master students and PhDs, Fellows, Postdoctors and young Researchers. During your stay at CERN, you will get to know other young researchers in the Norwegian CERN community while also getting familiar with the research at CERN through seminars, hands-on training, visits and excursions. There will also be a social program, and we will together celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Higgs boson discovery.

The two weeks will cover a large range of different fields and topics, from technology and physics to entrepreneurship and innovation. We hope there will be something interesting for everyone! 


Time and Place:
Location: CERN, Switzerland
Time: 27th of June – 8th of July


Registration is open until 13.May. Please fill in the application form as soon as possible, and if something does not make sense, please reach out, and we will help you!


For students and researchers in the CERN centre or at CERN, the summer@CERN is fully financed. Travel and accommodation will be reimbursed by using the standard travelling form. For students and researchers outside of the CERN centre or not at CERN, it will be possible to apply for funds to cover travel and accommodation. Please get in touch with Nina for more information and/or notify us via the registration.


Most of the program, such as courses and visits, will be located at CERN, a 30 min tram ride from Geneva. Students and researchers are responsible for finding their own accommodation. If you register within the deadline and need help with the accommodation, Nina will help, and if possible, try to find a space for the participants in the same accommodation.


The easiest way to travel to CERN is by flight and the participants needs to book their travels themselves. Tickets will be reimbursed via submitting a travel reimbursement at the return of the school (Master students will get help with this). Some Universities have the possibility to get funds advanced. More information on how to get to/from CERN is here:


Please do not hesitate to contact Nina Waage.


Registration for this event is currently open.