Sep 11 – 15, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

Planning, requirements, features, vendor design and development status of 60kW 500 MHz AR RF HPA for ALSU project

Sep 12, 2022, 2:50 PM
80/1-001 - Globe of Science and Innovation - 1st Floor (CERN)

80/1-001 - Globe of Science and Innovation - 1st Floor


Esplanade des Particules 1, 1211 Meyrin, Switzerland
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Oral presentation 20' + 5' Solid state amplifiers Solid state amplifiers #2


Shree Subhasish Basak (LBL)


A solid state LDMOS FET based RF High Power Amplifier (HPA) with 60 kW CW RF output power , operating at 500 MHz, with a power gain ~ 80 dB is being designed and manufactured for the Accumulator Ring (AR) RF cavity in the ALS-U project at LBNL, through a joint effort with a commercial company, R&K. This paper presents the highlights of the important initial planning, installation site space constraints, technical specifications, features, modular construction & numerology, build standards requirements, safety standards etc., of the various diverse subsystems viz., AC power distribution, parallel DC power distribution system and DC bus bar, modular RF amplifiers used for preamplifiers & final amplifiers, high power combiners, control system using PLC & FPGA for slow/ fast response of various interlocks & local/ remote operation, LCW & heat exchanger, cabinet structure etc., in this HPA. This paper will also present the HPA important design requirements like high reliability, redundancy with failed RF amplifier and/or DC power modules, fault tolerance of control system to failed modules etc., that are incorporated in HPA design by R&K. The important thermal management of power dissipation in this HPA is also presented. The design by the vendor is well matured and manufacturing of HPA by vendor shall begin shortly.

Primary authors

D. Nett (LBL) K Hirano (R&K Company Ltd) Mr Kenneth Baptiste (LBNL) S Hihara (R&K Company Ltd) Shree Subhasish Basak (LBL) T. Sueishi (R&K Company Ltd) W Lewis (LBL) riichiro kobana (R&K Company Limited)

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