Jun 26 – 30, 2022
Riva del Garda, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Invited talks

1)    Prof. Richard Hall-Wilton (FBK, formerly with ESS)

“Advances in Thermal Neutron Detection: Retrospective of the Past Decade and Current Trends in Future Developments in the Context of Construction of the European Spallation Source”

2)    Dr. Jiaguo Zhang (PSI)

“Optimization of planar silicon sensors and LGADs for soft X-ray detection”

3)    Prof. Giuseppe Bertuccio (Politecnico Milano)

“Semiconductor Drift Detectors: history, present and future”

4)    Dr. Andrei Nomerotski (BNL)

“Imaging and time-stamping single optical photons with nanosecond resolution for quantum applications"

5)    Dr. Xavi Llopart (CERN)

“Design challenges of hybrid pixel detectors for spectral imaging”

6)    Dr. Luca Brombal (INFN Trieste)

"Spectral and phase-contrast imaging: from crystal-based synchrotron setups to detector-based compact systems"

7) Dr. Kris Iniewski (REDLEN)

"High-flux CdZnTe detectors: Spectral Computed Tomography and Beyond"

8) Dr. Benedikt Bergmann (IEAP, Czech Technical University in Prague)

"Timepix detectors in Space: From radiation monitoring in low earth orbit to astroparticle physics"

9) Dr. Adriano Lai (INFN Cagliari)

"Reading 4D pixels at 20 ps in CMOS 28-nm technology"

10) Prof. Mats Danielsson (KTH)

"Photon-counting CT with deep silicon"