We deployed Indico v3.2. See our blog post for details on the changes.

2010-11-04 JRA1 Task Leader TelCon



Morris Riedel (Juelich Supercomputing Centre)
Minutes are available and attached.

- Andrea
- Aleksandr
- Patrick
- John
- Marco
- Massimo

- André
- Shiraz

- Laurence

Milestone & Deliverable Status

(put first since Massimo needed to leave early)


DJRA1.1 - Compute
- 3 reviews
- one Michel Drescher (EGI) --> Good
- SA1 Review --> OK
- SA2 Review --> major changes, phone conference with them,
-- they proposing a new template - already written deliverables
-- more details on the workplan
-- Colleting information from the PTs
-- Oxana input missing
-- Deadline - 08/11 (Send to Marco and PTs)
-- Final draft - one day for comments 10/11
-- Talk with SA2 - Maria confirmed that it is fine

TBD (Morris) : Check with PO to remove Andrew from reviewers


DJRA1.2 - Data
-- Biggest portion - jens Jensen Review
-- Return it to Florida
-- Other reviews have been minor things
-- Final draft - 8/11 () - deputy perhaps?

TBD (Patrick) : Move milestone about Data Security; Patrick sends info to Florida

TBD (Patrick) : Contact Florida to check with Jens aspects/revised deliverable

DJRA1.3 - Security
- Review from SA1 and SA2
- more precise dates from the PTs
- Comments from SA1 ok
- comments from SA2 not ok, but in progress
- draft Florida/SA2 back 12/11

TBD (John) : Discuss concrete statements and feedback with SA2


DJRA1.4 - Infra
- a lot of discussions between balazs and Laurence
- general major revision aspect


DJRA1.5 - Standardization
- no reviews yet since 11/10/2010 - one month now roughly!
- Alberto and Francesco

TBD (Morris) : Getting severe - we need alternative reviewers although already proposed

TBD (Aleksandr) : Clarify update on the reviewers with POs too.

DJRA1.6 - Integration Deliverable
- Balazs
- SA2 comments
- Massimo will review later
- major revision necessary
- Deadline 8/11; draft for Florida on 9/11

DJRA1.7 - Quality Control
- two reviews from SA2
- waiting for review from Francesco
- by the end of this week
- Oxana Smirnova comments merge into the document
- no big changes
- draft for Florida on 12/11

- End of November will be ready

M:AAI Milestone (end of October)
- M1.9 - Needs - Short document, only high level results with links to potential
- Points, Agreements, decisions, etc. should be highlighted
- Workshop was done

TBD (John) : send e-mail to Florida about milestone done (but reporting of it is mid/Nov)

Debriefing actions from last meeting

Task status has been updated and discussed

News/information from PEB/PTB

MoU D4Science Update
- involved persons need to comment

Technical Objectives and EMI-1 Release Development Plan Updates



Change Management Set up
- based on discussions with Cristina, Release Manager
- What are, e.g. the major interface changes in the component, etc.
- Every component in the development plan should have a link to a change management tracker
- ARC  Bugzilla
- dCache  RT   
- gLite  Savannah  
- UNICORE  SourceForge  
- Clarification of SA2 work: Middlewares have agreed to provide the (e.g. ARC-dedicated people)

TBD (ALL) : Collect comments about SA2 work -

TBD (ALL) : look at Change management wiki page


TBD (ALL) : Each components in the technical objectives add a change management tracker link (where is the change tracked)

TBD (Morris) : Send the link around to have a view on this SQAP

TBD (ALL): SQAP (at least task leaders and PT leaders) should be read to plan/work according to rules


Testing Strategies updates / plans
- Based on discussions with Andrea, JRA1.8 Quality Control
- Andrea : Recommendation for Area leaders to take test comments from the PT teams
- Integration & interoperablity test coordinated by Andre Giesler
- GLUE2 tests is not a problem and how we do all the things - operational side
- People who provides tests - testbed manager - understand what to ask
- A new component can not be created out of the box, tests first is good
- PTs are responsible to create tests/re-use tests
- PT should meet in some way and agree on common strategy
- We will do this and request this from the testbed
- Testing Strategies on particular developments

TBD (ALL) : First call of ideas & comments; Objectives of the Development Plan and dive into the Testing Strategies aligned with some of the technical objectives

AH Meeting Sessions
- ensure people are there!
- use your JRA task mailing list!


Alpha / beta / production

TBD (All) - add alpha/beta /production comments to the objectives


Problem of PT response; PEB Report from Morris news:

Response from PTs not functioning
- discussions with variety of folks
- also other WPs (Cristina) and TD Balazs clearly indicate that PT concept maybe revised
- the reponse we get from these PTs is extremely low - no task grip
- potential drawback for JRA1 since the start, becoming severe
- If response not getting better then JRA1 and other WPs have a problem
- during the meeting also Francesco stated that many PTs do not answer
- Morris discussions with Oxana that the PT concept is not fully understood by everybody
- What can the PEB do to improve the PT concept? Nothing special yet

- Andrea : Also in JRA1.8 PTs have not answered, many e-mails, testings, etc.
- Andre : same issue for JRA1.7
- heard from many others same statements

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