March 25, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

We are pleased to announce a kick-off meeting of the HSF "Analysis Facilities Forum" organised in collaboration with IRIS-HEP, which will be held virtually on March 25, 2022.

The Analysis Facilities (AF) Forum provides a community platform for those interested in contributing to the development of analysis facilities for use within HEP experiments to develop and exchange ideas. One should interpret “development” in the broad sense, including contribution of ideas from potential end users for functionality to support the analysis of HEP data, specification and planning of the facilities themselves, and technical developments needed to realize AFs. Of course, HEP experiments have their own internal processes for developing and deploying AFs. This AF Forum is intended to support and strengthen those efforts by sharing among a broader community the key ideas and developments. The AF Forum also collaborates with related HSF Working Groups, such as the Data Analysis Working Group, the PyHEP Working Group, and with WLCG/DOMA.

The development of future analysis facilities is of great interest to the HEP community, with much recent progress having been achieved. There are numerous ongoing efforts to stand up AFs which utilize new tools and techniques to help make data analysis tasks easier, more performant and more reproducible.

All participants in this workshop must abide to the Code-of-Conduct

Registration for this event is currently open.