The recording of the workshop is now available here!


The Early Career Scientists Fora of the four large LHC experiments have joined forces to organize a cycle of soft skills workshops, where each event will focus on a different career development training aspect (CV writing, grant writing, the importance of networking, career paths, negotiations for a new job, interview preparation, etc.).

The sixth of these workshops will take place on Friday 17th June and will be dedicated to "What I wish I knew when I was a Ph.D. student/postdoc".

Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the event is going to be online only.

At the time of event registration, you will have the opportunity to submit questions that you would like to be addressed by our panellists. Please make use of this opportunity to help us shape the event according to your needs.

The workshop includes an open panel discussion followed by a Q&A session in zoom breakout rooms. During the panel discussion, the invited panellists will cover topics focusing on the different stages of an academic career, including career changes from academia to industry. Questions you submitted during registration will also be addressed by the panellists at this time. 

This is followed by the breakout room sessions for Q&A where you can directly chat with your preferred panellist in small groups. 

The panel will comprise:

  • Ben Davis-Purcell – Ph.D. student from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (ATLAS)
  • Deepa Thomas – Postdoctoral Research Associate at The University of Texas at Austin (ALICE)
  • Dominik Mitzel – Postdoctoral Researcher at the Technical University of Dortmund (LHCb)
  • Eluned Smith –  Postdoctoral researcher at RWTH Aachen University (LHCb)
  • Erica Brondolin – Applied Scientist at CERN (CMS)
  • Fernando Antonio FlorPostdoctoral Fellow at Yale University (ALICE)
  • Patricia McBride – Spokesperson-Elect of the CMS Collaboration and Distinguished Scientist at Fermilab
  • Sourav Sen – Research Scientist in the Machine Learning Team at Upstart (formerly ATLAS)

More information about the panellists can be found here. To attend this workshop, please register here.

The event is open to anyone working on a CERN experiment.


There is an open survey.