May 23, 2022
M9 Building, University of Sharjah
Asia/Dubai timezone

Under the patronage of His Excellency Prof. Hamid Al-Naimiy,  Chancellor of University of Sharjah.

The College of Sciences (CoS), the College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) and the Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE), are organizing a workshop on High Performance Computing (HPC): Technologies and Applications.


The University of Sharjah reached excellent achievements at the national and regional levels that makes it a must to invest in new technologies which can sustain and boost further its progress .

Nowadays, establishing computing facilities provides huge benefits in many research directions that are either using  big data or tackling complex problems  in various fields such as  data analytics, bioinformatics, weather forecasting, medicine, physics, materials sciences, petroleum, astronomy, business and social sciences. Colossal advancements have been made thanks to the significant increase of the computation power provided by High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities as compared to the traditional computing resources.

The workshop aims at:

  1. Reviewing the latest developments of HPC technologies.    
  2. Sharing  the lessons learnt form past and present experiences of HPC users and managers.
  3. Assessing the HPC needs of UoS and potential users and applications.    

The workshop will include experts in HPC technologies from industries as well as researchers in various fields to discuss HPC based applications.

Registration Deadline: 20 May 2022

Note: Registration is closed however you can join the event online via the ZOOM link:


  • Prof. Othmane Bouhali, IEEE, Research Professor, Director of Research Computing, Director of (TASC) Advanced Scientific Computing Center, Texas A&M University at Qatar.
  • Dr. Zachary  Marshall , ATLAS/CERN, Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), USA.
  • Dr. Muataz Al-Barwani, Senior Director, Center for Research Computing (CRC), New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE,
  • Mr. Mohammad Babar Haq, CTO-IT HUAWEI, UAE.
  • Mr. Ahmed Al-Jeshi, Regional Director – HPC & AI
    Intel Corporation, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META), KSA.
  • Mr. Mariano Salomon, Supermicro , UAE.
  • Mr. Martin H. Hilgeman, Dell Technologies.

Session Chairs:  

  • Dr. Mahreen Arooj​.
  • Dr. Thar M. S. Baker Shamsa.

Panel  session 1:  Current HPC based Research/Education

Moderator:  Dr. Hussain Alawadhi, Director of CAMR/RISE 

  • Prof. Ahmed Bouridane, Director,  Center for Data Analytics ​and Cybersecurity, UOS, UAE.
  • Prof. Taleb Al-Tal, Director of the Institute for Medical and Health Sciences Research, UOS, UAE.
  • Prof. Rifat Hamoudi, College of Medicine, UOS, UAE.
  • Dr. Zachary Marshall, LBNL US and CERN.
  • Dr. Imad Afyouni, College of Computing and Informatics, UOS, UAE.
  • Dr. Syarif Junaidi​, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, UOS, UAE.

Panel session 2: Technological Options, HPC operation and management

Moderator:  Dr. Ali A. El-Moursy, College of Computing and Informatics

  • Prof. Othmane Bouhali (Texas A&M University at Qatar).
  • Dr. Muataz Al-Barwani (NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE).
  • Mr. Karanveer Padghan (CTO-IT HUAWEI, UAE).
  • Mr. Ahmed Al-Jeshi (HPC and AI Inter cooperation, KSA).
  • Mr. Mariano Salomon (Supermicro, UAE).
  • Mr. Martin H. Hilgeman (Dell Technologies).
  • Mr. Olivier Blondel (Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), UAE).

Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Nouar Tabet, Dean of College of Sciences, Chairman.
  • Prof Abadallah  Shanableh, Director of Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering (RISE).
  • Prof. Abbes Amira, Dean of College of Computing and Informatics.
  • Prof. Jairo Lugo-Ocando, Dean of the College of Communication.
  • Dr. Hussain Alawadhi, Director of  Center for Advanced Materials and coordinator of HPC facility.
  • Dr.  Rachik Soualah, Coordinator of the UAE-ATLAS/CERN cluster and ICTP-UoS collaborations.
  • Prof. Ilias  Fernini, Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences, and Technology (SASST).


Mrs. Nawal Nayfeh (CoS), Mrs. Saja Abdelhadi (CoS), Ms. Batoul Karzoun (CoS), Ms. Dalia Koreiam (CCI), Arwa Saleh Al-Hmyari (RISE), Mrs. Tahani Al Sarayreh (CoS).

M9 Building, University of Sharjah
Al Bayrouni Auditorium
University of Sharjah
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