Aug 8 – 12, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is incomplete because it cannot account e.g. for the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe, it does not provide a Dark Matter candidate and does not explain the hierarchy of scales between the Higgs mass and the Planck scale of gravity. Therefore we will study extensions of the SM that address these shortcomings, as well as search strategies for the manifestations of such models. This lecture prepares the students to start research in particle physics.

  • Block lecture and exercises for one week with 1.5 LVS.
  • The lecture will take place at CERN, Geneva.
  • The lecture will be given an English. Questions can also be asked in German.
  • This lecture covers several models and methods of particle physics beyond the Standard Model (SM), such as extended Higgs sectors, Dark Matter, naturalness, and experimental searches.
  • The program also contains a guided tour and visits to the CERN exhibition (tour, Microcosm and Universe of Particles im Globe).
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This is a lecture for students of the the Leibniz University Hannover as part of the BSc and MSc curriculum in physics.


The accommodation for 5 nights is in the CERN Hostel on campus. A block of 15 rooms (7 twin rooms for 38.50 CHF/person/night and 1 single room for 58 CHF/night) has been pre-reserved. Please coordinate among the participants who will share a room. If you do not find a room mate before the booking deadline, choose "twin room" nevertheless and the hostel with assign room mates.

In order to secure the rooms, the booking form has to be sent to the hostel by July 7th. After that, the pre-reserved rooms are not guaranteed, but individual rooms might still be available at the CERN Hostel (you will then need to contact the hostel yourself).

The excursion is generously supported by the Institute of Theoretical Physics with SQM (Studienqualitätsmittel). Upon receipt of the original bills and signature of participation, each participant will receive up to 230€ for the train tickets with at least BahnCard25 discount. In addition, the accommodation costs for the twin rooms (or one single room) and 2 tram tickets from Geneva Cornavin station to CERN will be reimbursed.
Only the costs for the meals in the CERN canteen (about 10 CHF per lunch/dinner/breakfast) and groceries from a supermarket will have to be paid by the participants. The CERN hostel has shared kitchens where the participants can prepare breakfast and dinner if preferred. 

Arrival/departure: Please book your own train ticket using your BahnCard. For this trip, it even pays off to buy a BahnCard, see here especially for the "Probe BahnCards". Make sure to arrive by Sunday evening, August 7th. The lectures end on Friday at 1pm such that the earliest possible departure can start from 2pm.
Recommended connections from Hannover to Geneva:

  • Sunday, 07/08: Hannover 09:41 - Geneve 18:18 (via Basel, Bern)
  • or the night train leaving from Hannover on Saturday evening, 06/08 at 23:19 and arriving in Geneva on Sunday, 07/08 at 10:18 (via Basel, Bern)

Recommended connection from Geneva to Hannover:

  • Geneva 14:15 - Hannover 22:17 (via Olten).

You are free to decide to spend the weekend at Geneva or in the region (on your own cost) and return later. Then you will need to provide screenshots from the day of your booking showing the ticket costs on Friday and on the day of your chosen return trip. The cheaper of the two will be reimbursed up to the mentioned limit.

Covid precautions: CERN is currently in Level Green:
To avoid the spread of the Corona virus among the participants, each one is required to carefully perform a rapid test at home or in a test center. In addition, each participant will test her/himself on Wednesday morning in the middle of the excursion.
Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a properly fitting mask in the seminar room.