The final event of the international competition “Mining the Future” will take place on 27 September (15:30-19:00CET) at CERN’s Globe for Science and Innovation!

Launched in June 2021, by CERN and the University of Leoben with the support of the EU-funded H2020 FCCIS project, the competition called for solutions for the sustainable use of excavated molasse material.

Building the next generation of particle colliders at CERN would create about 9 million cubic metres of excavated materials, mainly molasses. The Future Circular Collider collaboration wants to turn these materials into a valuable resource to support a circular economy. The solutions identified in the framework of this competition could find application in ongoing construction projects beyond particle physics, bearing large societal benefits.

The four shortlisted proposals will be presented to the public and the winner(s) of the competition will be announced at a special ceremony at CERN. The winner(s) will receive support of up to EUR 40 000 for further R&D efforts and business planning.


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FCCISThe Future Circular Collider Innovation Study. This INFRADEV Research and Innovation Action project receives funding from the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 951754.
80/1-001 - Globe of Science and Innovation - 1st Floor
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