Sep 19 – 30, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone



!!To find your way around CERN during the workshop, here is a map of the meeting rooms !!


Welcome to the 2d FCC Energy Calibration, Polarization and Mono-chromatisation (EPOL) workshop which will be held at CERN from September 19 to 30 2022. The first week of this workshop (September 19 to 23) is combined with a joint EIC-FCC working meeting on e+/e- polarization. The workshop is also supported by the FCCIS project, receiving funding from the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 951754.


Similar to the first FCC polarization workshop of 2017, the second FCC EPOL workshop will be an in-person meeting with possibility of remote access, comprising plenary sessions from 13:00 to 15:00 (UTC+2) and  leaving ample time for working sessions in the afternoons (possibly mornings and evenings) during which actual work and exchange in collaboration can take place.   


The FCC technical and financial feasibility study comprises a work package (EPOL) on precision determination of the centre-of-mass energy at FCCee.

 The basis is the ppm measurement of beam energies by  resonant depolarization of a set of pilot bunches or possibly by spin precession measurement.  The beam energies are then converted in centre-of-mass energy and boost using physics events in the detectors, from which the centre-of-mass energy spread and the beam energy losses around the ring can also be constrained.  Other  beam diagnostics are used to the greatest possible precision, in particular to control the offset and dispersion at the collision points. Specific equipment involves 3D polarimeters for both beams, polarisation wigglers, and depolarising RF kickers. The possible mono-chromatization of the beams in view of a measurement of the e+ e- —> H (125) process will also be studied and the special requirements of this challenging endeavour investigated. 

The key subjects of this workshop are summarized as follows: 
1) Polarization simulations and spin-tune to beam energy relationship, wigglers and kickers  
2) Simulation of the relationship between average beam energy and centre-of-mass energies  
3) Polarimeter design, performance and integration 
4) Measurements in particle physics experiments 
5) Monochromatization


We are looking forward to seeing you for an exciting and fruitful workshop.


Your workshop organizers,

Alain Blondel and Jacqueline Keintzel


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FCCISThe Future Circular Collider Innovation Study. This INFRADEV Research and Innovation Action project receives funding from the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 951754.


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