Oct 18 – 27, 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

Aims of the workshop

  • Take stock of the requirements from physics;
  • Check that the questions are all clear and well posed;
  • Describe baseline running scheme, look for show-stoppers;
  • Establish performance in terms of possible frequency of measurements and precision;
  • Create tables of parametres for wigglers, polarimeter, depolarizing kicker;
  • Systematics between resonance and beam energy, center of mass energy etc…
    • large work!
    • go back to LEPI tables and study extrapolation
    • establish additional instrumentation and measurements
    • establish need and,eventually, solution for supplementary monitoring.
    • NMR, Spectrometer, Möller scat., additional measurement in the polarimeter etc..
    • RF phase measurements, saw-toothing etc…
    • energy spread/bunch length measurements
    • other effects (interferences with resonances etc…)
  • Produce draft 0 of write-up for CDR