Jun 5 – 9, 2023
Argonne National Lab
America/Chicago timezone

FLUKA and Flair installation check script

Check your FLUKA and Flair installation

Please download the following two files:

Ensure check_fluka.sh has executable permissions:

   chmod u+x check_fluka.sh

Open a terminal, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the above files, and issue the following command:


If your FLUKA and Flair installations are correct, you will see the following message in your screen:


                        Congratulations all tests passed                        

However this doesn't mean that everything is functioning properly
Start flair, verify that the output doesn't contain any error or warning message
Create a small input, run and plot the results :)


Should you face difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us at fluka.course@cern.ch for support.