-------------- LLP13 --------------

The thirteenth LLP Community workshop will occur from 19 to 23 June, 2023, at CERN.

It will take place in-person, for the first time in several years!

Please join us for the hottest-and-latest in LLPs around the globe.


-- CERN Colloquium by Jonathan Feng on Monday at 16:30 in the Main Auditorium, arranged in conjunction with our workshop:

-- Welcome reception Monday evening at 18:30

-- Workshop dinner at Luigia Academy on Tuesday at 19:00

-- Visits to MilliQan (LHC Point 5, near CMS) or LHCb / planned-CODEX-b (LHC Point 8) on Thursday morning

N.B.: The workshop is in fully plenary mode, including the working group / brainstorming sessions, but the room we're using varies from day to day and sometimes session to session. Make sure to double-check the location before each day begins.

N.B.B.: On Tuesday and Wednesday morning we will start the day with coffee and croissants at 9:30, i.e., we all meet for breakfast on those days.

Previous workshops can be found here.


Sai Neha Santpur
Audrey Kvam
Karri Folan Di Petrillo
Lisa Benato
Juliette Alimena
Nishita Desai
Andrii Usachov
Louis Henry
Mason Proffitt
Carlos Vazquez Sierra
Federico Leo Redi
Matthew Citron
José Francisco Zurita
Louie Corpe
James Beacham
Albert De Roeck

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
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