2nd Physics Camp for Girls

Auditorium (Department of Physics , University of Karachi)


Department of Physics , University of Karachi

University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan


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    • 1
      Recitation + Introduction
      Speakers: Hamza Hanif (Simon Fraser University (CA)), Ms Tahira Nasir (University of Karachi)
    • 2
      Webbing the Universe (James Webb Telescope)
      Speaker: Mr Roshaan Bukhari
    • 3
      Careers in Space
      Speaker: Ms Yumna Majeed
    • 4
      Three Great Achievements of Science

      The talk will highlight the Big Bang, structure of matter, and evolution of life

      Speaker: Dr Pervaiz Hoodbouy
    • 11:25 AM
      Tea Break
    • 5
      Building Blocks of the Universe

      All matter in our cosmos appears to be composed of a few subatomic particles that are governed by a handful of fundamental mathematical laws. These rules give rise to all the phenomena in the universe, from subatomic scales, through the vast expanse of space. I will talk about this sub-atomic cosmos and the laws which govern our universe and discuss the Standard Model of particle physics which gives a complete and self-consistent description of the fundamental physics of the universe.

      Speaker: Dr Shabana Nisar (IBA University)
    • 6
      Maqsad (Sponsor talk)
    • 7
      Medical Physics: A broad spectrum of careers

      The medical physicist bridges physics and medicine. It offers a broad spectrum of career opportunities ranging from clinical activities, to quality assurance, radiation safety, and research including big data and artificial intelligence within diagnostic radiology physics, radiation therapy physics, and nuclear medicine physics.

      Speaker: Ms Zainab Ronaque (Ziauddin Hospital)
    • 8
      Life of Marie Curie (Urdu Dubbed)
    • 9
      Vera Rubin and her Dark Matter (Urdu)
    • 10
      Story of Chien-Shiung Wu (Urdu)
    • 11
      Halki Baraf
    • 12

      Demonstration based DIY STEM projects will be performed that integrate the concepts of robotics, the internet of things, programming, and automation. The basics of this show are to enable curiosity in young girls to pursue STEM careers. Participants will also engage in tricky mental math.

      Speakers: Mr Maroof Motan (TDF's MagnifiScience Centre), Mr Saad Bin Imtiaz (TDF's MagnifiScience Centre), Ms Sadia Shaikh (TDF's MagnifiScience Centre)
    • 13
    • 14
      Closing Cermony