Sep 25 – 29, 2023
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Visa to Egypt

Visa to Egypt

Many nationals are eligible to get a visa online or on arrival, which makes the process less time-consuming. 


Applying for an Egypt Visa On Arrival If you are from one of the countries eligible for an Egypt Visa On Arrival, you have to obtain the visa after you arrive in Egypt, but before you pass through immigration. You can get a Visa On Arrival at one of the visa-issuing counters at Egyptian entry ports.  You must pay the Egypt visa fee in exact change. e-Visa to Egypt.


However, many of the travelers who are eligible for a Visa On Arrival still choose to obtain the Egypt visa before they travel. That’s because all of the nationals who are eligible for the VOA are also eligible to apply for an Egypt visa online, and the online process offers more security due to the fact you know that your visa has been approved before you make any travel plans.


If you are citizen of Iran. Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mauritania, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Yemen, before you can apply for an Egypt visa at a consulate, you must receive pre-clearance from the Egyptian State Security Authorities.