Jun 11 – 17, 2023
MedILS, Split, Croatia
Europe/Zurich timezone

Laptop configuration

(Please note that you will comply with CERN Computing Rules whenever using or accessing CERN's or School's computing infrastructure.)

During the school you will be using online platforms but additional software needs to be installed on your system.

Minimum Laptop Requirements

Here are the the minimum requirements for your system:

  • Web browser
  • SSH client
  • KCachegrind/QCachegrind tool

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) will give you all the information you need.

How to install SSH client?

Linux and MacOS X systems come with ssh client packages preinstalled on the system, for Microsoft Windows follow instructions to install OpenSSH.

How to install KCachegrind/QCachegrind?

If your system runs a Linux distribution very likely kcachegrind (or qcachegrind) packages are available to be installed using the distribution package manager (apt, yum, dnf ...).

If not or your system runs Microsoft Windows or MacOS X:

How do I authenticate to online school services?

You may have an active CERN lightweight/e-mail/EduGain/social account that you did use in order to register for this school. For all school online activities please use your CERN account in order to authenticate.

Other questions

For any other questions please contact CSC technical manager or ask them directly during the school.