Creating mindsets for boosting creative collaborations or innovation through embodied methodologies - experimental seminar at CERN IdeaSquare, the innovation space at CERN


In order to capture the value of the experimental knowledge in delivering embodiment workshops for creative collaborations or innovation, CERN IdeaSquare is organising a research seminar with academics and practitioners around the following question: how can embodiment techniques be conducive for creative collaborations or for innovation


This seminar is happening in a context where more and more research is dedicated to demonstrate the benefits of embodiment in particular in the fields of learning, connectedness and group dynamic. However, little research is being done on the links between embodiment and creative collaborations or innovation. 

Over the past 5 years, CERN IdeaSquare has been developing practical knowledge on this topic through the organisation of embodied workshops in the context of Challenge Based Innovation Programmes co-organised with partner Universities worldwide.


Based on the above, one of the intentions of this research seminar is to pave the way for the publication of a series of articles in the CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation, a peer-reviewed journal to expand the body of knowledge and inspire innovation enthusiasts. This series of articles will have the vocation to:

  • Incentivise innovators to integrate embodiment techniques in their design processes
  • Trigger further research in the area of embodiment, creative collaborations and innovation
  • Contribute to the phenomenological discussion on how we think the way we think and how the cultural environment is shaping our thought patterns and how embodiment techniques could change those thought patterns for new thoughts modalities to emerge.


Point 3 is valuable for any scientific research including in the field of particle physics at CERN.


In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, CERN IdeaSquare will curate a seminar mixing experts from theoretical and practical disciplines spanning a large spectrum from neurosciences to arts, psychology, cognition, pedagogy, philosophy, health, movement, entrepreneurship, creativity, etc. 


For more context on the past embodiment experiments at IdeaSquare, consult the appendix on the left side of the menu.



Due to space limitations, this is an event by invitation, only
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