Magnets for FCC-ee



Carlo Petrone (CERN)
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      FCC-ee magnets

      The FCC – Future Circular Collider – is potentially the future new flagship of CERN for high energy physics. Similarly to the LHC, the tunnel will first host a resistive lepton machine – FCC-ee – to study in detail the Z, W, and Higgs bosons before replacing it with a superconducting hadron machine to explore the energy range up to 100 TeV centre-of-mass.

      With its 90 km circumference, the FCC-ee presents several challenges in terms of magnet design, like for example: producing a very large series of high mechanical precision magnets at reasonable costs, operating at magnetic fields ranging from one Tesla down to a few milli-Tesla, optimizing the lifetime costs to balance the investment costs with the operational costs considering the limited lifetime of the machine, and aiming at compact cross-sections to allow integration of the booster and collider magnets in the same tunnel.

      In this seminar, an overview of the various magnet designs will be given, and the prospects of the magnet development work that we are carrying out for the project feasibility study will be presented.

      Speaker: Jeremie Bauche (CERN)