May 16, 2023 to November 16, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Certificate Verification

This webpage lists all the certificates' serial numbers and checksum we have generated for you. It can be used to verify your certificate's legitimacy. You can find your certificate's serial number at the top-right corner of your certificate. 

Each listed serial number is a unique name for each certificate. Each listed checksum is an SHA-256 hash of the original certificate. If you modify the certificate using say Inkscape, the hash will change and the certificate will be invalid. But, renaming the certificate filename will not change the hash. The checksum is used to verify the authenticity of the certificate. 

There are two ways you can verify your certificate:

1) You can generate the checksum of your certificate by yourself using 

  • In Mac OS: shasum -a 256 <filename>
  • In Linux: sha256sum <filename>
  • In Windows: here

where <filename> is the filename of your certificate (for e.g. Stephen-Hawking-7sgg8mT-2s440.pdf), and compare with the checksum we listed on the respective web pages.

2) The checksum can also be verified using the following command:

  • In Mac OS: shasum -a 256 -c checksum.txt
  • In Linux: sha256sum -c checksum.txt
  • In Windows: here

where checksum.txt should have a checksum hash, two spaces and then your certificate filename. The checksum is listed on the respective web pages. You need to copy it to checksum.txt and replace <fullname>-SerialNumbers.pdf with your certificate filename.

For example, 

9esde6sd1c090305223da0833c249766a64cf19cffeb220e0f03bbfa9369bab208  Stephen-Hawking-7sgg8mT-2s440.pdf

where checksum hash is 9esde6sd1c090305223da0833c249766a64cf19cffeb220e0f03bbfa9369bab208 , filename is Stephen-Hawking-7sgg8mT-2s440.pdf, and the serial number of the certificate is 7sgg8mT-2s440.


Djordje MINIC (Virginia Tech, USA)

The Challenges of Quantum Gravity (1 Lecture: May 16 @ 3 pm CET) (Completed)

Certificate checksums: here

Flaminia GIACOMINI (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Quantum information tools at the interface between quantum theory and gravity (4 Lectures: May 22, 23, 24, 25 @ 2 pm CET) (Completed)

Certificate checksums: here

John DONOGHUE (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

Perturbative Quantum Gravity (6/7 Lectures: June 8, 13, 15 @ 3 pm CET (Completed Part I), other Lectures in August) 

Certificate checksums for Part I: here

Hal HAGGARD (Bard College, USA)

The Basics of Loop Quantum Gravity (5 Lectures: June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 5 @ 3 pm CET) (Completed)

Certificate checksums: here