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Graeme A Stewart
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Pere Mato Vila
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JuliaHEP Planning, 2023-05-30

Attending: Graeme, Pere, Tom, Oliver, Jerry, Jan, Predrag, Philippe

Apologies: Benedikt, Atell, Uwe



Jerry will be at CERN from August onwards.

Pere and Graeme can look for rooms at CERN. Tamas - Erlang? (Munich is pricy). Erlang looks like a nice option.

Training and Support

We agree that training is really important. Jerry has an UnROOT training already.

Training is needed in Julia as a language (for basics, or also non-Julia experts); but also in HEP tasks.

There are community training resources - we should not duplicate these, but use these as a basis. We agree there is a lot of value in delivery of training, especially at the basic level, which then helps to build a community and a support network.

For experts they need to unlearn a lot of things (OOP, learn to love multiple dispatch). Experts can self-study.

Need a Stackoverflow type of thing? Julia mostly uses Discourse. There is also the Julia Slack (very welcoming) or Zoolib (worries that Zoolib is not accessible for beginners? it's very different). Should make sure that HEP packages are well documented with examples.

Scikit-HEP is an example of how to ensure a nice minimum standard for the package standard, documentation, HOWTOs. (Albeit UpROOT is a bit overwhelming!)

CoPilot does a good job with Julia when packages are well documented.

We also have these domain names now: https://juliahep.org and https://juliahep.dev. Can follow examples like SciML Julia or See https://juliadiff.org/ (but this is work!).

Literate.jl for annotated notebooks (see BAT.jl for an example, or ML from Scratch). This generates clean notebooks from scripts.

Define an entry point -> address different audiences at a high level.


Discussion on the whitepaper:

We were advised to use GetEntry per Branch instead of TTReader, for better performance. But in fact we see the same performance for our example, which reads every branch. (Would be different for partial event reading.)

So this has converged.


  • Look for dates for the workshop and a location [Pere, Graeme, Tamas]
  • Start entry point documentation for JuliaHEP [Jerry]
  • Fill in Google Doc with projects we are interested to do [All]
  • Sign up to Discourse and Slack if you aren't already! [All]
  • Meet again in 2-3 weeks [The Conveners]


We need 3-4 people who can apply some organisational grease to the wheels. This is not much work, but it's important to make sure that things keep happening.

  • Volunteer: Pere
  • Suggestion: Tamas
  • Plus: Make a call for 1-2 more
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