October 13, 2023
Le Village
Europe/Zurich timezone

High-Energy physics experiments operating at the large hadron collider must process tens of terabytes of data per second, rising to hundreds over the next decade. Accurate, precise, and reliable real-time reconstruction of charged particle trajectories (tracks) is increasingly essential so that experiments may rapidly select a small fraction of this data which is of interest to physics analysis and discard the rest. Over the past decade in particular numerous technological solutions exploiting different highly parallel computing architectrues have emerged which allow tracking to be performed at ever earlier stages in the real-time processing pipeline, enhancing the physics reach of experiments.

The scope of this one day mini-workshop following the Connecting The Dots 2023 conference is to discuss the existing and planned technological solutions to be able to reconstruct particle tracks and vertices in real-time, either in a triggerless system with a full online event reconstruction or within the trigger system. Algorithmic principles of parallel pattern recognition and portability on specific architectures (CPU, GPU, FPGA…) will be covered, with an outlook to the experiments and facilities of the next decades. 

Le Village
Le Village - Espaces Événementiels, 31 allée Jules Guesde, 31000 Toulouse, France
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