Aug 8 – 13, 2011
Rhode Island Convention Center
US/Eastern timezone

MARIACHI: Science by Scientists, Teachers and Students

Aug 9, 2011, 5:15 PM
551 A (Rhode Island Convention Center)

551 A

Rhode Island Convention Center

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Dr Helio Takai (Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory)


The MARIACHI initiative involves a community with diverse academic backgrounds to explore forefront science. We focus on the study of cosmic rays. Our flagship theme has been the development of a new technology for the detection of cosmic rays, namely forward scattering radar. Over the years many other research subjects have been added to the list of our interests and they are now in various stages of development. We believe that by creating an environment where teachers and students can work together in the pursuit of science, each can learn about science first hand. In this presentation we will give an overview of the experiment and lessons learned. In particular we will discuss how large numbers of students get involved in the data analysis from the experiment. Impressions about the educational impacts will be given.

Primary author

Dr Helio Takai (Physics Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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