3-7 April 2011
University of Glasgow
Europe/London timezone


Particle Physics 4

4 Apr 2011, 15:30
University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

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Gareth Brown (University of Manchester) , Gareth Brown (University of Manchester-Unknown-Unknown)
04/04/2011, 15:30
James Robinson (University College London)
04/04/2011, 15:45
Cristina Oropeza Barrera (Department of Physics and Astronomy-University of Glasgow) , Cristina Oropeza Barrera (University of Glasgow)
04/04/2011, 16:00
Graham Jones (University of Manchester)
04/04/2011, 16:15
Kenneth Gibb Wraight (Department of Physics and Astronomy-University of Glasgow-Unknow)
04/04/2011, 16:30
Sarah Baker (University College London-University of London-Unknown) , Sarah Baker (UCL)
04/04/2011, 17:00
Dr Tania Robens (RWTH Aachen, Institut fuer Theoretische Physik E) , Tania Robens (RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany) , Tania Robens (University of Glasgow)
04/04/2011, 17:15
Emma Hicks (University of Liverpool)
05/04/2011, 11:15
Da Xu (Department of Physics and Astronomy-University of Sheffield-Unkn)
05/04/2011, 11:30
Bozydar Wrona (Department of Physics-Oliver Lodge Laboratory-University of Live)
05/04/2011, 11:45
Matthew Rose (Royal Holloway College-University of London-Unknown) , Matthew. Rose (Royal Holloway College-University of London)
05/04/2011, 12:15
Gemma Holly Wooden (Department of Theoretical Physics-University of Oxford-Unknown)
06/04/2011, 11:30
Clive Andrew Edwards (Royal Holloway College University of London)
06/04/2011, 11:45
Alex Christopher Martyniuk (School of Physics and Astronomy Schuster Building-University of)
06/04/2011, 12:00
James Currie
06/04/2011, 12:15
Brian Colquhoun, Christopher Bell, Dave Ireland, Jon Mackew, Lauren Stacy, Paul Campsie
06/04/2011, 12:30
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