A co-creation session on changing risks and policy innovation, via juggling & acrobatics


The evidence is irrefutable: When it comes to turning knowledge into policy, research shows that showing research doesn’t work. Inaction surrounds us. If we want to go beyond the status quo, we need to actively pursue breakthroughs. The design and implementation of policy development processes needs to deliberately open space for imagination. Given the gravity and complexity of changing risks, we must improve the candour, courage, and creativity of communication, building relationships, enhancing problem solving. Because our work requires creative learning and dialogue, both CERN IdeaSquare and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre have been exploring embodied technologies for policy innovation: unconventional approaches to engage people and organizations in difficult conversations about what can go wrong and what to do about it.

Join this unconventional workshop to explore & experience the uplifting awe & wonder offered by acrobatics, juggling, and circus arts that truly embody concepts of risk management. Via designed interaction and playful activities, we’ll co-create tangible, actionable ideas to support with policy innovation for CERN IdeaSquare, the humanitarian sector, and beyond. 



Due to space limitations, this is an event by invitation, only
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