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In collaboration with NIKHEF (Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics) the CERN Accelerator School is organising a topical course on:

Mechanical & Materials Engineering for Particle Accelerators and Detectors

For the first time inthe history of CAS, the CERN Accelerator School organises a course on Mechanical & Materials Engineering.

The course is proposed to engineers and applied physicists desiring to deepen their knowledge in mechanics for particle accelerators.

A complete lecture program will be covering a wide range of mechanical engineering and material science aspects, complemented by a series of talks about applications in the field of accelerators. In addition, various blocks of “hands-on” experiments are foreseen, during which the participantswill be guided to do practical work, as well asorganisedvisits of professional companieswith specific expertiseclose by.


Hotel De Ruwenberg
Ruwenbergstraat 7 5271 AG Sint-Michielsgestel +31 73 55 888 88



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Registration for this event is currently open.