LHCOPN-LHCONE meeting #52 - INFN Catania IT

Building 6, Sala Conferenze (INFN Catania)

Building 6, Sala Conferenze

INFN Catania

Via Santa Sofia, 64 95126 Catania
Edoardo Martelli (CERN)

The meeting will be in person, with the possibility to join remotely.

This meeting is co-hosted with the GEANT SIG-NGN workshop (registration page)

INFN Catania
c/o Dipartiento di Fisica e Astronomia Universita di Catania
Cittadella Universitaria
Via Santa Sofia, 64
95126 Catania
Building 6

Transportation to and from the venue

  •  bus: ask for BRT1 bus in via Etnea: from the venue  BRT1 is aimed to Piazza Stesicoro in Via Etnea, where it turns to go back to our venue. You have to get out at the stop Cittadella Universitaria Ovest. To go back in Via Etnea you have to go to bus stop Cittadella Est. Tickets cost 1.00 euro each, and they are sell in several places in Via Etnea.
  • metro: near piazza Stesicoro you can find a metro station. You have to stop at stazione Milo, where you can catch a shuttle going to Cittadella Universitaria. Going to the venue, the metro shuttle stops at the same stop than BRT1, Cittadella Unversitaria Ovest. To go back there is a metro shuttle stop 50 meteres away from the venue to go at Stazione Milo, where you can catch the metro to Stazione Stesicoro. At the metro stations there are ticketing machines; tickets cost 1.00 euro each.
  •  the distance from piazza Stesicoro to the venue is about 3.5 km, slightly uphill (DFA is about 150 metres high)
  • Maphttps://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=164WrCE-AvupaWx6DbR-18MgUnOxWoEE&usp=sharing



- Hotel accomodation: better to choose a hotel downtown. For example on via Etnea street, between  via Sangiuliano street and via Umberto street
- Be aware of unauthorized and possibly scamming travel agencies offering to organize your trip. There is no official travel agency acting on behalf of the event organization.


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Edoardo Martelli
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  • Ajay Makan
  • Alexander van den Hil
  • Andrew Lake
  • Bram Peeters
  • Carsten Pettersson
  • Craig Volp
  • David Kelsey
  • David Wilde
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Edward Moynihan
  • Eli Dart
  • Enzo Capone
  • Ettore Tamiro
  • Fazhi Qi
  • Gianfranco Sciacca
  • Ian Collier
  • Ivan Garnizov
  • James Walder
  • Jerome BERNIER
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  • Justas Balcas
  • Karel van Klink
  • Karin Wessel
  • Katy Ellis
  • Keith Slater
  • Lars Fischer
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  • Maria Del Carmen Misa Moreira
  • Marian Babik
  • Matteo Stagni
  • Mazahir Hussain
  • Moharam Mohamed
  • Paolo Bolletta
  • Peter Kroul
  • Rasmus Lund
  • Raymond Oonk
  • Ronald van der Pol
  • Rosie Bolton
  • Shari Breen
  • Stefano Zani
  • Syed Asif Raza Shah
  • Tao Cui
  • Tom Lehman
  • Tony Cass
  • Vitaliy Kondratenko
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